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tv   News  ABC  October 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you now good morning maryland. >> we learn in the horror of disgusting acts of child sex abuse carried out by injury sandusky -- injury san dusk -- jerry sandusky. yes 4, 6, 7 sounds like multiple choice on a quiz but it could beon election day. where you can go to learn about the issues you will vote on come november 6th. >> reporter: series tied at a game a piece and now to new york where camden yards earned a special distinction and we will tell you what it was coming up. >> it's tuesday morning. you saw charley out there live. good morning and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charl hello, has been live
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--charley has been live since 4:30 and he has had gloves and a coat an umbrella. here's lynette charles here to let you know what to do to prepare. >> it's chilly. and we can see temperatures in the low to mid-40s. 45 in clarksville right now. and make sure to grab the coat as you head out this morning. i am not talking about the light jacket. grab the cold coat -- coat because it's a chill in the air. dropping showers across harford county around bellair and port deposit and i-95 sliding up to cecil county. havre de grace and aberdeen getting into it this morning. lake shore and severna park and arnold and getting in on wet weather. doesn't forget the umbrella as you head out. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook patchy fog as well. >> reporter: expect reduced visibility as you head out.
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and we have several accidents in baltimore is they. a crash is -- city. there's a crash at west frank lip and northwest side liberty road at -- franklin and northwest side of liberty road. park heights avenue no problem up to 83 and outer loop nice and clear. no delays right now just 11 minutes traveling from 795 towards 95. hooking at other drive times, you will notice the rest of the beltway going to be in great shape. no problems to report from parkville up to towson and for those of you using the jfx into the city, 11 minutes that typical ride traveling southbound from 695 to east fayette street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. 5:32. it's sentencing day for jerry sandusky, the former penn state assistant football coach will learn his punishment for sex yoolgly abusing 10 boys.
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linda so -- sexually abusing 10 years. >> reporter: sandusky is 68 years old and he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. his lawyer says else speak at the sentencing. he spent the last three months in prison writing a statement he plans to read today. on monday sandusky issued aaudio statement record and aired on penn state's campus radio station. in that audio clip, he maintains his innocence and says his accusers are lying. the former assistant football coach was convicted on 45 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. sandusky plans to fight for a new trial. he puts the blame on his accusers. >> the young man dramatic veteran accuser and sought attention started everything. he was joand by a well orchestrated effort of the media investigators psychologist several civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. >> now --
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>> reporter: now at least one of the victims will speak at today's hearing after sandusky is sentenceded and he will under-- sentenced he will undergo evaluation to determine which state prison he will go to. the details from the case have been heart breaking to listen to. but for parents it's allowed you to educate yourself about sex predators and open up dialogue between you and your child. that's why adam rosenberg is here this morning from the baltimore keeled abuse center. and you have -- child abuse center and you have great advice that some good could come out of the disgusting case. >> it lets us know it's not an isolated incident but the sexual abuse instances can happen anywhere. and parents should be better informed and be better consumers so they can ask tough questions to the programs so they can work proactively to avoid something from happening. >> i love you bring up it can happen anywhere because it happens with a nonprofit organization supposed to help kids. and parents were sending their kids there. so are there questions they
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should ask or things to look out for. do they need to do background checks. >> organizations should be the ones responsible for back groned checks but parents should say what's the supervision and when will my child be alone with someone. may i drop in and visit the facility? we got a lot of calls from people over the summer wanting to know what questions to ask summer camps and after school programs and day care centers and we were empowering them and sayi you have to fight for your kids' rights and safety. and you should be able to visit a program to take a tour to see what it's like and you should feel good in your gut about senning your child there. if they are not let yowing do certain things maybe you should send your kid else noor you think the case prompted parents to call. >> this is a bellwether moment where they say this is not just a isolated incident or relegated to one small organization or a large organization. but it is everybody's scandal. and that's the unfortunate but i think positive thing that can come out of it.
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we can start asking and demanding better of the programs. one of the other things we found. >> go ahead. >> people don't know professionals don't know how to report abuse. and they get some information but there's that same sort of confusion that occurred at penn state. people don't realize to pick up the phone and call 911 to report it. >> one thing before we go and you will stick around for 6. people can call you guys and that's a good resource if they have questions. can you give out your web address. >> people can go to baltimorechildan abuse or visit us on facebook or call us. sometimes you need the encouraging push to ask the tough question or report abuse when it happens. >> you will stick around for the 6:00 hour because we could did a show on this but we want to know people to know what to say to their children about this sort of things. >> thanks. >> adam rosenburg thanks for coming in and we will check in in an hour. election day less than a month away. if you've had questions about
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the issues voted on this year at a forum morgan state university could help because baltimore city league of women's voters is holding an event to talk about question 4 and question 6. the dream act and the marriageequality act that will take play 7 to 9 tonight at student union theater that will feature guests from both sides of the issue debating the stance with timeallowed for audience questions as well as answers. a renewed push to get out and vote in maryland a broad group of leaders will be announcing new efforts to energize voters and make sure that people are registered by october 16th. that's the deadline. the goal is to register 25,000 new voters and this is from across the state. activities include door to door campaigns and high-profile voter registration and phone banking and informational mailings. the kick off is at 10:30 this morning in baltimore city. the o's keep the incredible playoff run going.
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and this was the new news 3-2 win last night over the new york yankees. it's even and ties the series at a game each. and o's fans now we are headed to new york. charley crowson is live down at camden yards with more and charley pretty he can sighting. i imagine some fans are celebrating or just getting to bed right now. >> reporter: probably heading home. it was a big night. another late finish down here in camden yards and game 2 they put away the orange towels andbrought out the white towels and it matter. when was the last time you were at a rock conearth or heard a for alarm -- concert or heard a fire alarm imagine how loud it was. that's how loud it was last night at camden yards. >> reporter: during the
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broadcast p about. s craig sager came out with a decibel meter showing camden yards throughout the course of the game hit 120 dessibilities making it the largest major league ball park of the year. like we said rock concert fire alarm nightclub that's how loud it was. talking to fans they said it was uncontrollable at various points especially in the end when the o's pulled out the 3-2 win to give you perspective on this. 125 decibels is when things hurt your ears. that's an idea of how loud it was. >> thanks so much charley. flu season time once again. what does this mean? baltimore county officials what they are are doing to make sure you have a healthy season. firefighters fight to save the life of man's best friend. how the pet is doing this morning. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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the hour of har work with oxygen the dog is doing better. she was taken to the vet for a checkup and is expected to be fine. 5:42. i know all the dog lovers love to see soreies like that because you worry they are family members. >> and the firefighter lovers i love firefighters and couldn't love them mo after saving a dog like that. that's sweet story. you are going to run into some wet weather across the area. light rain showers off from the south to the northeast this morning. and then as we go into afternoon things will dry out a bit. but all in all we are going to be working with the wet weather this morning. also the patchy fog. we have reduced visibility so rain and the fog heading out to the bus stop be careful it's chilly with the temperatures at 46 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. you will want to watch out for the fog. expect reduced visibility. turn on the low beams this morning. we have several accidents trouble in baltimore where there's a crash on liberty road
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at northern parkway. and the west side we are dealing with another accident right on franklin street at fremont avenue. no problems if you are using the jfx to get into the city. and as we check in and look live outside at the beltway here in towson everything is up to speed at due leany valley road. no problems -- dulaney valley road. no problems up to 83 in forget credit or debt. wal-mart rolling out a brand of plastic. so when you can get your hands on it and how it could save you and your family money. we have idea tales -- details coming up next.
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a playoff baseball is alive and well once again in baltimore. o's kept the playoff hopes alive a 3-2 win over the yankeesch the team now tied and hit the road to new york. so let's go over to charley crowson live down at the yard. >> reporter: hey, you know nothing was going to keep fans away from game two at camden yards not the rain or cold. nothing. not even a game one loss and whether or not they would want to admit it, o's fans knew last night it was a must-win game. the fans knew it and turned out in full force.
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48,000 strong filling camden yards for game 2. and they got heroics and acrobatics early. ish row trying to score -- ichiro trying to score and you see he is dead to right between third and home but look at acrobatic moves between him around matt weeders and new york goes up 1-0. baltimore takes the lead in the third on a davis 2-run single and held the lead throughout the rest of the game. adding one in the 6th new york couldn'tered with one in the 7th. but baltimore held on to the 3- 2 win and the game shifts to new york. but after last night's game, the manager was not only talking about the team but talking about the great baltimore fans. >> there's not a city in america that loves their baseball team more than this city, and i've seen it on both sides. and it's a great feeling for our players to give back the faith they have had in them. >> we have had contributions
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and chen has been awesome and did a great job but kind of putting the negative behind us and moving on. it's been big for us all year. >> reporter: new york game three wednesday night set for 7:37 but that could change pending the outcome of the detroit and cincinnati series. but baseball will be played from new york on wednesday night. and we will be there. christian and jamie and we will have you covere for now live at camden yards, charley crowson. five things to know heading out the door. wal-mart and american express are taping up to offer a prepaid -- teaming up to offer prepaid card. it will offer an alternative to checking accounts and debits cards and it will be unveiled to thousands of wal-mart stores and online. researchers in norway say electric cars may not be better for the environment. the factories which make the cars can emit more toxic waste than conventional ones.
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they say they require a lot of chemicals. house fire kills 2300 people every year. they injure thousands of others. so today, the consumer product safety commission is releasing a new report on the top causes of home fires and how to prevent them. they are releetsing -- releasing that today. a study suggest the protestant majority is the minority. they say the percentage of protestant adults in the united states is 48%. number of americans with nonreligious affiliations increased from 15 to 20% over the last five years. a children's book called mousetraunat is release today written by the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords. flu season is here. the county will set up a flu hotline on thursday offering free flu shots on saturday.
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the hotline is open from 5 to 7 on thursday and you can get a a shot at several location on saturday. and lynette it feels like flu season. >> it's cold and rainy. we can see montgomery county getting in on wet weather. we are seeing it around virginia this morning. and as we flied further up to the north we can see ate around glen burnie and elk ridge and columbia getting in. howard county dealing with light showers. more of the same around anne arundel and also around chestertown this morning. so, as you head out the door, take the umbrella but also take the coats because look at temperatures. in the 40s here below average. 46 degrees right now in aberdeen and 44 in hereford. we have high pressure at the surface but we are trapped between two systems and with that we are wait being for the cold front to -- waiting for
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the cold front to traverse the area west to east tide tomorrow. not a lot of rain with it. we will see sunshine as well. for today, the high at 57 degrees. 46 this evening and chilly with patchy fog once again. and 69 and warmer by tomorrow and the 7-day forecast looks good heading into thursday and friday with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. let's check the abc 2 time saber traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. as we mentioned we are dealing with quite a bit of fog out there. so expect reduced visibility. a good morning to turn on the low beams and the roads they are going to be pretty wet due to the early morning rain. now we have an accident to tell you about in northwest baltimore on liberty road at northern parkway. and as we take look at some of the main lines, checking in and taking a live look outside on 95 at 395, there are no problems heading downtown. you did see that lightning strike. wow, look at that. but fortunately no delays through that fort mchenry tunnel. checking in and looking live at -- actually pull up drive times
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no problems on the beltway from parkville up towards towson and the west side of the beltway will remain nice and clear traveling that outer loop from 795 forwards 95 taking 12 minutes. there's much more coming up on good morning maryland. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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why aming into -- jumping -- the sign said to take off all your jewelry and empty the pockets and just as she started to do that the wedding ring slip out of her hand and into the corn. so with 7 loads full of corn 3 feet deep they had to dig andthey had one hope she would fine the wedding ring. she used the hands as well as metal detector. >> i started to dig in that area. >> you see the needle in the haystack and ring in the corn pit. we call it kind of the miracle of the ring. >> you see it there. she got it all the people in the corn pit erupted in applause when they found it. stay with us this morning. bullying in schools is a huge problem and this morning we
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will hear from a teen who experienced the firsthand what happened to him when she tried to fight back. and it's the time of year when cold and flu run rampant in many households. what doctors want you to know to keep you from getting a cold.
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